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Unresponsive Clients, 18 jobs are in-progress, what should I do?

Hi Upwork Team,

In my in-progress jobs 18 contracts are running out of which only 5/6 are active. For other clients I successfully completed the work but clients didn't end the contract.

I requested them to end the contract, very few accepted the requested and ended the contract but most clients are unresponsive. 

I have 100 % job success score but don't know if I end the contract from my end it will effect my profile or not? Suggest me solution for this situation.



Kamran A.

Community Member

Closing the jobs won't affect your JSS unless the clients leave private feedback. Lots of closed contracts with no feedback looks a bit strange on a profile though, so it might be best to close one at a time, with jobs with feedback in between. Having inactive open contracts has no negative effect so there's no harm in leaving them open.

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To Kamran, 

To close contract by yourself and without getting clients feedback, it’s okay if there are few contracts. But 18 contracts without having feedback may affect your jss a little bit. So good practice would be to close 1 or 2 contracts after 15 days time interval. This is my opinion. 



Your opinion is incorrect.  But 18 contracts without having feedback may affect your jss a little bit. 

Not even a little bit. 

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