Unresponsive Clients and negative affect on JSS.

Hello. I have such problem. 2 similar problems.
1. I have hourly payed contract with client. After end of first week Upwork told me that I should stop working for this contract as client's account is empty and money transfer is unavailable. It was ~2 months ago. I talked many times with client, every time he was telling that he will solve his problems soon and we will start work.
2. Similar situation. After several months of another lost client I close contract by myself but as client realy lost and nowbody can contact with him, I can't get fedbeck from his side. I twice try to explain the situation to support team. First time I got suggestion to wait while they connect to client. They couldn't. Second time they suggest me to close contract, I did it. Now my Rating fall down from 100% to 93% becouse this client didn't give me any feedback.


At this moment support is telling me that they can ONLY help me to try contact with client, but I don't think that it's possible. And my JSS can go down infinity and support can't guaranty that this process will end some day. Have someone solved such stupid problem and how?

Now my rating go down because of these contracts. What will you suggest me to solve this situation with minimum damage?

Thanks in advance.


Don't close the other contract until you have more jobs finished.

That way, you space out the no feedback contracts and they are less likely to cause your score to drop, assuming your jobs in between are completed successfully.

Thank for answer, I have contract which I already closed and was give feedback to customer but customer not give me any feedback (he not response about 5 month). So from it can my JSS to down.