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Unresponsive Clients for Over A Year.


Hi Guys,

I am intending to clean house by ending inactive contracts as I have quite a handful. I have already exhausted all means by contacting the respective clients but they were totally unresponsive.

How will this affect my JSS?


I am having difficulty applying to jobs right now perhaps maybe because the prospective clients see my plate full.


Thank you in advance for your responses.

Community Guru

I have paused contracts but I have responsive clients who continually supply me with work.  I do not use my connects these days, John.  When was the last time I exploited this privilege?  I just try my best in trying to accomplish the tasks even if it means renting a space outside my "home office" while I toss my toddler in a playroom next to my temporary cubicle.  Afterall, isn't that what "working without limits" is all about?  I really like this Montessori-inspired playroom where instead of my son watching TV or getting addicted to YouTube videos, he gets to expand his creative dimensions while strengthening his psychomotor as well as socialization skills.  I also get to have a discounted rate since he is a registered member of this "school" and whenever I opt for unlimited play time when there are things to be done that needs a lot of time.


Going back to your question, inactive contracts or JSS may not always play a role in getting contracts here.  For me, the JSS or even the Top Rated status merely indicate the type of clients I have and the quality of the relationship I have built with them.  If I am TR, it is because I have top rated clients.

From what I understand, closing them all at once will hit your JSS.  Just close them slowly, one by one.  That's what I do and I've never taken a hit for it.

Community Guru

Start by closing 1 or 2 of the oldest ones first. As Mary said, don't close them all at once.