Unresponsive Clients



Some clients offer new contracts but they do not give any work so i end up not having any hours to log in. When i want to end the contract, i have to like give feedback about the reason for ending the contract which i do not have.


What is the best way to end such contracts that i have not logged in hours and clients are not responding.





Why do you accept contracts without knowing what to do? 


Simply never accept an hourly hourly contract without having the work, then you won't end up having to close contracts that never started.

I applied for the job and contract was awarded to me. Job details were discussed and he was to send all the login details so that i can start working. Weeks  to months down the line , he is not responding.


I can't work without the login details

I suggest you contact upwork and let them know your situation so they will be the one to end the contract, because if you end the contract your client may not give you a positive feedback and it might not be good on your profile.

Thank you Maria, i will do that.