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Unresponsive client and payment not in escrow

I am a new freelancer and I am waiting for payment to be released, the client has been unresponsive for quite sometime and I've submitted my work. After 14 days it said that my funds will be released however, the payment was not in escrow. So will my payment be released anytime soon or have been ghosted.
Thank you.

Receipt #: 521608713

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Funds have been already released to you.


"Once you submit your work, your client has 14 days to review and either approve the milestone or ask for changes. If they approve, the funds in escrow will be released to you. If your client takes no action for 14 days, the funds are automatically released to you."


But its already been more than 14 days

Funds have been automatically released to you. It will become available to withdraw after a 5-day security period.


"When your client releases a milestone or final payment on a fixed-price job, it immediately shows as pending on your financial account. Pending payments become available for you to withdraw after the standard five-day security period."


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As Nirmal said, You can just submit completed and wait 14 days, the funds are than released.

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Did you submit the work as complete?

It's in the pdf, look into it. He was already paid but doesn't realize it yet. 

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