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Unresponsive client - payment and feedback

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Maria C Member Since: Jun 24, 2016
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Hello everyone! I was wondering if you could help me with a few suggestions on how to deal with an unresponsive client. I have been hired to do a fixed price job for this client. The job consisted in rewriting a document for the company. I had to convey the same information, but with different words. I specifically asked about the deadline in before accepting the project, but he only said that there is no rush and said sometime next month (meaning May and we were discussing this in April). I got the document that I had to rewrite and I finished the job on May 17 and sent the document to him. During this time, I was always replying promptly to his messages.

After I submitted the documents, first via the messaging section on upwork and later in the official way (through my jobs- submit work) , he stopped answering my messages. For over 1 month he didn't say anything, no confirmation of receipt, no feedback on how the job was done, even though I specifically asked several times if everything is ok with how I did the job.

For this job there was one milestone funded (initial upfront), but it was only half of the amount we agreed upon. I got this amount after 14 days since this is the standard upwork procedure. Yesterday I wrote another email to ask about the rest of the money. I also mentioned that if he doesn't give me any feedback I will have to contact the Help and Suport center on upwork. I used a professional tone in my message and didn't threaten him or anything like that. I just thought I should make one last attemp to discuss this with him. 

After this message he finally answered this morning saying that the job is not well done and that it is difficult to read and that he will get back to me soon. What I don't understand and I don't think is fair is why he didn't say earlier that he is not happy with the quality on the work and ask me to make the changes. 

I am willing to admit that I didn't deliver the material that was expected, if that is the case, but in order to fix what I did wrong I need to get the feedback from the client. 

What should I do next in case I don't hear anything from him? Wait for a few more days/ weeks and then still contact upwork support? 

Thank you!


Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Maria,


You can contact Customer Support and our team will reach out to the client, and ask them to follow up on your messages. Please note that since there weren't any additional Milestones set up and funded on this contract, the remaining payment does not qualify for Upwork's Fixed-Price Protection program.


Please note that we always advise freelancers not to accept contracts and start working unless Escrow is funded for the full amount you agreed with the client, either on one or across multiple Milestones.

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Maria C Member Since: Jun 24, 2016
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Thank you for the information. Then I will contact customer support