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Unresponsive client -- they also lied about their location

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Amanda C Member Since: Oct 26, 2018
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I have an unresponsive client. I did the project. Waiting to get paid. They lied about their location. It says "Hollywood, CA" but I can see they are in Israel. I have had my identity stolen on upwork in the past, and now I feel decieved in a new way. This is my livlihood and I feel that while freelancers have to be "verified" there is not the standard set in place on the client side. I don't know what to do. This client being unresponsive -- will bring my score down. This is not fair. I did the work and am top rated. Pease help. Thanks. 

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Amanda C wrote:

I have an unresponsive client. I did the project. Waiting to get paid.

Was in an hourly contract and did you track your time?

Was it a properly funded fixed rate contract and did you submit the work using the "submit for payment" function?


In both cases you are paid automatically.


"Where is my money?""Where is my money?"

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Amanda: Clients on Upwork are NOT required to respond.


I get paid AUTOMATICALLY for all of the work that I do on an hourly contract. Clients do not need to respond.


I get paid AUTOMATICALLY when I have a fixed-price contract.


You made a mistake somewhere along the process. If you do not yet understand what you did wrong, then tell us more about your situation or ask questions. That way we can help you figure out what to do to rectify the current situation and/or help you know what to do in the future.


If you have a valid contract in place, then if possible that your mistake may be as minor as not knowing that you need to wait a few more days to get paid, or that you simply need to click a button to initiate automatic payment. But based on what you told us so far, we can not say for certain what is going on here.