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Unresponsive client



This is Nishant, I am very few to Upwork. At the start of this year, I thought to start doing some freelance work with Upwork. I have 9 years of experience in Python, but my profile was very few due to rating I was not getting any work, so one of my friends suggested me to go for the lowest possible rate work and start building up your profile. Once your profile is good then you may get good work and a better client. 


I started with a $15 project and started doing the work. I told the client that the work will get completed in 3 hours or so, the description of the project was not verbose. I asked him for more time and he told me that its okay you can submit it end of the day. I completed the work by then, he added more conditions in the output. His conditions or business logic was a bit confusing with the kinda data that was coming from the source. He even gets confused and told me that he needs time to talk to his partner. After that he did responded me, I keep on asking him ... it is there in the chat. Next day he gave me the answer, but still there was a issue with it. I told him to get on a call rather than the text .. but he did show up on the call, then later in the night he started behaving with me in a bad manner to deliver the code as if I am his slave, I told him many a time, I am not available right now I will talk to him tomorrow in the morning.... He wasted the whole day and in the night he wants the code delivery. 


The code was completed but I was not a my home. I was replying using my phone. 

Now he is in a dispute with me for $15  and want a refund from me. 


One thing is sure I will not refund him in anyway whatsoever, he behaved really in a very bad manner with me. 

Kindly help me. 



Nishant **Edited for Community Guidelines**



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nishant,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I understand that this is not the outcome you wanted, but I encourage you not to share information about your case here in the Community especially since it may misrepresent the situation. We will not be able to discuss the details here because it’s a public Community. The team will continue assisting you via the open ticket to resolve the situation.


While you are waiting for our Dispute agent to follow up with you, you may read these helpful articles to learn more about disputes and refunds along with this Community thread for even more information.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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