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Unresponsive client.

On 09th March, a fixed price job was awarded to me by a client, to create a catchy name for a new company. From 09th to 16th, I sent him so many suggested names, accordingly to his new amendments too. From 16th to date he is unresponsive, despite several messages sent to him, by me.  He has already transferred the funds to Escrow on 09th. Can an expert kindly advise me on this, please?

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Crishantha A wrote:

. Can an expert kindly advise me on this, please?

Did you submit for payment correctly using the "submit for payment" function on the contract? If not, do so. Unless the client asks for changes, the funds are released to you 14 days later. Don't keep chasing the client. The client knows exactly where you are and how to get hold of you if he wants to. If he doesn't get in touch, it means he doesn't want to. 


This is the second "brand name" contract that's gone wrong in less than a month... isn't it? The one the client cancelled was as well if I remember correctly? It may not be your niche...

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