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Unresponsive client

My recent client has a very good Upwork history (5*, $30K+ spent etc). Responds only once a day which is fine, real pleasant person though. So we agreed on an hourly project and I submited the work and asked to let me know if any changes need to be made. He said everything looks great, the projects perfect, can you just make this small change on a few photos.


I told him ill get on it right away. Sent a message a few hours later once it was done, no reply. 2 days pass, no reply. I send another message asking if he had a chance to look over the newly submited files, no reply. Its been now 5 days without a reply and the review for payment is just in limbo. And I checked their profile, there are no other jobs pending.


I dont want to sound annoying by sending messages over and over, I get it that some people are maybe too busy with other stuff and dont care on checking on Upwork often but its also long past the 7 days time limit for the job to be completed so I would of assumed he would get a ton of email notifications by now. Any idea, what to do...just wait it out? Has this happened to others? Thanks.

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Clients are not obligated to respond to freelancers.


Just be patient.

Send messages only once.


The client knows where you are, and the client knows how to get ahold of you if he needs something or has a question.


You get paid automatically whether or not the client responds.

So if you have completed the tasks that you were asked to do, then don't do anything else.
If you have not yet completed all the work that you were asked to do, then continue doing the work and send notes about each step that you complete.

Thanks. Yeah the work was completed, theres nothing more to do. I guess Ill just wait it out then.

Eventually you can close contract if you truly never hear from the client. But personally, I would wait a couple month before doing that.

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