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Unresponsive client

Two days back i got a message after a long gap of one year plus.. for submitting a proposal. I never received any messages from clients for a long time, i have been waiting for my first work for a very long time too hmm.. what to do..
So back to the problem, yeah so i received a message from client after a proposal and told me that he want that work to be delivered on that day itself then only i can get hired. So i completed my work with my hard work and told him that i have completed his mentioned works then he told me to send the previews of the work done..so i send him my work previews with watermark and all..then after that he didn't reply for a single message i send
Now what to do someone please tell i tried everything good proposal long time wait and everything but nothing worked for me..you all tell me please that should i need to depend again on Upwork ? I have lost my faith in this platform i think it's better to leave this platform
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Looks like you've been scammed.

You should not do any work before a contract is opened. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Farhan,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you`ve had. Feel free to share more details with me via PM (click on my name) and our team will investigate the client further.

To learn more about how to protect yourself, I would suggest checking out the Safety First section here. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Never work for free, and don't assume that a watermark will protect your work; anyone who knows what they're doing can easily remove them.

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