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Unresponsive client

Hourly paid contract. ID 25837657, client**Edited for community guidelines**

I started working on this contrtact from 20.12.2021. I have performed on clients instructions and sent him my deliverables on numbere of occasions. I wanted him to review my work and comment on them. we continived for some time without any problem. Since 4.1.21 he is unresponsive, never responses for my messages sent via Upwork.

I have some more work to complete. Can I perform rest of my work as he never responses.


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Clients don't have to respond. As long as you used the tracker correctly you get paid for the time you worked. 


The client knows where to find you if they want to. If they don't contact you, it means that they don't want to.


Just concentrate on your other work until the client gets back to you.

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Harindranath Sirin D wrote:

I have some more work to complete. Can I perform rest of my work as he never responses.

Only you can answer that. What was the assignment, what were the dependencies, did you discuss the overall budget at any point, were you supposed to work independently or be monitored closely, and will the client be happy if you go ahead with the rest of the work? It completely depends on what expectations were set and what discussions you had until now.


If the expectation management was not done properly, the situation might be vague for both parties.


What you don't want to do is to surprise the client with an unexpected credit card bill. Few people appreciate it if anyone at all.


Petra's comment is valid. In general, when people are expecting to receive something important to them, they do ask for it. Because, indeed, it is important. ðŸ˜‰

My basic rule of thumb:

If a client has asked me to perform some tasks, then I will work on those until they are completely finished. I regularly send reports about the progress. I will send a message at least once per day that I work on the project.


Whether or not I receive a response from the client means absolutely nothing to me.

I have worked for clients who will reply to EVERY SINGLE update message I send them.
I have worked for clients who have gone months without replying to a message.

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