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Unresponsive customer wants a refund

I have a client who has been very unresponsive. We have told him before that his emails were being sent back and randomly once we got a hold of him through test. I just now received a request for refund from him stating that we have not been in contact with him since 9/30 and he has not received any updates. This is not true. My last message with him through Upwork was on 10/9 telling him that we have been getting his calls and emails returned, to which he had resopnded. I have copies of draft emails I sent him with rough drafts attached on 9/28, 10/3, and 10/20. We did not receive any notification on the last one that it was kicked back. We also sent him a text message to follow up on the last email after we sent it.


How do I make sure not to allow the request for refund to go through? I cant be sure he doesnt have the draft and doesnt want to pay. I dont see an option to reject the refund.



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Politely write to the client that you have sent XYZ and have contacted him repeatedly, and are therefor rejecting the request for refund.

Then do absolutely nothing.

The client can (try to) dispute any payments released to you in the last 30 days (only) so it looks like you are fine anyway.


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