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Unsure about a job.

So, this has happened to me somewhat recently, and I could use some advice.


I submitted a proposal for a job that was hiring a lot of freelancers, cheap pay, but as a new one, I figured that I should take whatever I should get. I later learned that this was a red flag, but not a deal-breaking one. So I submit, and surprisingly, they message me, and then asked me to do something that rang up a few alarm bells.


The most confusing, and most worrying, factor is that they were asking me to make new sample work as a "trial" phase to see whether I was good enough for them, in addition to having to request access to a google doc, which required them to send me emails. I later pulled my proposal because I was uneasy about the job and worried I would break Upwork Terms of Service if I continued.


I don't want to go into too much detail out of fear that in doing so, I will continue breaking some rule and get me kicked off the platform.

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Hi Damon, 

It's great that you didn't accept the job, make sure you flag the Client to save other freelancers from his traps.

In the future if any client asks for demo work, you can gently ask them to pay a 'demo' amount for it, that will let you know the clients.


Always make sure the client is clean before accepting any proposal to save your Upwork profile, just go through the client's previous work history and ratings to freelancers to know them more.


Wishing you a great future here.


Hi Damon,


Please know that it is not allowed for clients to request for free work. If they need to test if you are a good fit, they can sent a temporary contract so that you can work on the work samples. Users are free to share files via Upwork Messages at any time. Documents can be added into Messages for sharing or you can use Upwork’s  integration with Dropbox to share files. If critical project information is stored in a system that requires an email address to access, you can share your email address for this purpose only. Remember all communications before a contract starts must take place on Upwork. 


Please read this help article for more information on how you can stay safe on Upwork. Kindly check out this help article and also, please check out Tips to avoid questionable jobs.

~ Joanne
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