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UpWork Premium Porgram No Response

Hi, i have applied for UpWork premium program about 6 days ago. I hven't recived any email from that time yet. The only confirmation email i got in which it was said they will reply back in 2 days. But i didn't get any response after 6 days can any one please let me know about this issue?


Best Regards.




Hi Daniyal, we'll reach out to you directly for further asistance.

Hi Lanie, I also applied for the premium program last thursday (the 27th) and I have not gotten any email from them yet. I thought I would get something yesterday since I was not taking weekends into consideration. Can you help me?

Hi Carlos,


You should receive the email later today regarding the test you've taken and the status of your application.


Its even worse. I have applied 2 weeks ago and still no reply at all. Its a good thing to have a new programs ... if only they work...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Miroslav,


I see the system prevent you from submitting your application due to an issue with the previous vetting process not being completed. Our team implemented an update and you should receive an email notification within the next two days.


Hi Members,


I have applied for Upwork premium freelancer program after completing all the requirements that are required for it. I have also completed the skill assessment test and video interview but it's been more than 72 hours and I still haven't got any response from Upwork team. I am a budding freelancer with success score of 100% and with all initial projects completed successfully but I am still having difficulties in getting new projects where this premium freelancer program could really help. So it would be great if you guys could look into the issue.


Kind Regard's


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kamal,


Sorry about the delayed reply.  The test you took is yet to be reviewed and our team will follow up with you directly once they evaluate it.

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