UpWork for German freelancers?

Hey guys, 


Armin here from Germany. Tried to wrap my head around the following, but I don't really understand the concept of VAT and how it applies to UpWork. Could someone break it down for me a la Dummies style? Smiley Very Happy


1) I live in Germany now. What do I need to do tax wise before working with clients? 


2) What should go on the invoices and will clients receive them from Upwork or do I have to create them myself? 


3) Do I need a VAT number, what is it, and do I have to submit it to UpWork? 


4) How do I go about reporting my earnings to the tax authorities in Germany (for the Germans here)? 


Preciate it any feedback guys. 


I can tell you that if you use the search feature and type in vat and German - there are lots of threads already about this. And most folks don't offer tax advice here, but rather suggest that you talk to a tax professional where you live.

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Community Manager

Hi Armin,


You don't need a VAT number in order to use and get paid on Upwork. Upwork will however charge and remit VAT on the services provided to you, which include the service fee, Plus membership fee and for purchasing additional Connects.


For other questions you raised please search previous discussions on the same topic, since they were discussed in length. Other users from Germany might follow up and advise you on these as well.