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UpWork needs to clean house or go the way of the dinosaur

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Pete T Member Since: Jan 31, 2019
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**Edited for Community Guidelines**  I might as well start a whole thread then and really get it out in the open!


How about booting the spammers, scammers, pyramid schemes, cheats, flakes, thugs, and criminals off your alleged workplace platform???


Check my creds, I'm told over and over on here what a rockstar VIP I am. Check my history, how often do I even speak up? Check my record: I was grandfathered into UpWork from the oDesk-eLance merger, where I turned after Rent-A-Coder sold out, which I'd joined at the turn of the century, at which time I'd already been doing business for years. Check my jobs: My contracts typically last years.


Do you understand that there are people trying to make a FULL-TIME LIVING in this business? We can't get by on Fiverr-sized one-shot nickel jobs. I have a career to look out for. It's older than this company. I happily fork over a _% commission for the convenience of a third-party escrow and a file / message drop. All UpWork has to do is sit back and rake that in.


Now you tell me, as a professional,**Edited for Community Guidelines**  


**Edited for Community Guidelines** 


but playing spammer whack-a-mole is not the answer.


The answer is locked-down site security. Not "well if you see anything report it!" You have ID and video verification and CATCHAs. You can implement a lot more. There is no excuse for the crooks to be there for me to see to report in the first place.


So many proposals I see on here are garbage that would shame an image board. Every time I ask clients, it turns out I was the only coherent reply they got, the rest were bots and scammers.


Month by month, I feel pushed out of UpWork to make way for these nickel jobs, one-shot garbage, spam and scams. I don't get it, you guys make hundreds a year off me for doing nothing but keeping the lights on, but you'd rather drive me away to coddle your precious thieving rats? I got invited to a pyramid scheme today by an "Enterprise Talent Solutions Team" who claimed to "recruit on behalf of Fortune 500 companies." She just insisted that my profile (which she obviously didn't read) made me a perfect match for this plum opportunity.


You guys are worried about "competing with Fiverr"? Try staying ahead of first! You are where you are today because died from its bad reputation for being an infested spam ghetto. Ever heard of "learning from others' mistakes"?


In this business, I've seen 'em come and I've seen 'em go! You are GOING! Now if that makes me the bad guy for pointing that unpleasant truth out, you go right ahead and delete me. "Shoot the messenger" is a strategy that ALWAYS works out, isn't it?


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Jennifer R Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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Pete T wrote:


 Punctuation is still the same in every language.

I do not care about the rest you wrote, but this statement is wrong.

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Pete T Member Since: Jan 31, 2019
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The spirit and not letter of that statement is that all languages have *some* convention for organizing and presenting a thought in a coherent way, even if not all of them have a "¿" at the beginning of a question just like Spanish.


But... I looked it up just to check. Yes, there are languages with continuous run-on sentences in a style linguists call "scriptura continua." You win the technical point.


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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Pete, yes, you share the platform with "people like that" and you share a planet with "people like that".


What you don't do is share contracts with them, so there is no need to wash off anything. I find your perceived superiority quite deeply distasteful by the way. It's essentially just the luck of your birth that differentiates you from "people like that".

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Pete T Member Since: Jan 31, 2019
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Oh boy my favorite game! Let's play the RACE card!


You name any country. Are you telling me you can't find professional people in that country? Are you telling me other countries don't have libraries and schools and infrastructure? Even the war-torn little countries do. There is no excuse. I, and presumably anybody here who has completed five projects, can log onto any board in any language for any purpose and *NOT* come off as a petty thug.


It's not an "accident of birth." My point, very clearly, is not that these are non-Americans. It is that they are the criminal underbelly of ANY country.


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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Pete T wrote:

anybody here who has completed five projects, can log onto any board in any language for any purpose and *NOT* come off as a petty thug.

Why don't you try that for a change?

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Pieter B Member Since: Apr 2, 2020
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There is a time in any business and their framework, that they have to pivot into a direction to make ends meet.
If Instagram did not pivot they would not exist today, and they would have been shelved by the time I sat with them in a bar over drinks in SF by the time I woke up. They went from 100 users to 40 000 users in 24 hours once they actually figured out what to do.

There was a time that YouTube was an actual dating platform, and they pivoted as well into what they are today.

Product development also is a process that goes from

So that means Upwork has placed all those steps into play to see if this was a correct move and pivot. My opinion stays neutral. 

The problem is that everyone compares their catalogue with Fiverrr, because that was the benchmark for a gig and cheap delivered work. 

I can only hope that this was only part of their roadmap to make it better than other competitors so the added value would elevate and amplify growth for UpWork in the correct way.

Combating spammers, or fake freelancers or bots or whatever label you want to give is and will always be a never-ending story. A client with half a brain will see through it. 

The last thing a platform like UW wants is a flood of those because it would devalue its market position.

Do not forget that EBITDA and UW path to profitability is still minus. Unless you can bankroll them? increase their post money value and give them resources to speed up this process?

Do not forget their framework is a mix (I repeat from before) a B2MX SaaS model, with HR/Recruitment and talent and brokering services in a safe manner.

SaaS alone is already challenging enough. Let alone B2M SaaS. Should UW place more resources into security and prevention, compliance and DD? Probably, but like any business model on such scale you have bottlenecks and growing pains 24/7

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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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I share your frustrations about the "the spammers, scammers, pyramid schemes, cheats, flakes, thugs, and criminals" but I don't understand your focus on grammar and punctuation - what has that got to do with anything? If you're implying that only ESL speakers fall into these categories, then I can see why Upwork removed your previous post.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Christine A wrote:

 I can see why Upwork removed your previous post.

It is here and has been heavily edited. 

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Jamie F Member Since: Mar 7, 2010
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This just comes over as hateful - even if there is a reasonable point attached to it. Probably not the best way to try and make a point because people are only likely to focus on the obnoxiousness instead.