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UpWork should also make strict rules for the clients also!



The client always posts a job and many people send paid proposals to them... But most of the time client never hire anybody else, but he was interviewing 2-5 people without hiring for more than weeks....! 
We didn't get our proposal back if no one hires... It happened to me... I have applied to the job that costs (6 connects)... The client started interviewing me... Now it was more than 2 weeks... still the client is interviewing me...)


In general, an interview is always of a minimum 1 day or can extend to a maximum of 2 days just. After this job seeker came to know about their interview results... But here in UpWork, the client took more than 2 weeks and even month, interviewing others without hiring, without any response.

Upwork should also take actions to those clients who posted a job and don't respond. Theirs' last seen should be kept within 2 days, after this their job should be closed and the proposals should return to respective freelancers. By this client always post a job only when they really need to hire someone

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You know, while I hear you, I can say I finally see this from the perspective of being a client and you know...sometimes, there just aren't any applicants who fit the job.

Clients aren't required to hire somebody out of the proposals they get. What if nobody who applies is qualified?

Clients want a good job done to their specifications within a certain period of time. Often they're on deadlines, so they're posting on more than one platform. Someone from one of those other platforms may fit the bill.

And things can change. What if the UW client's own client backs out of a project? What if the client gets sick? Or fired? You can't hold a client hostage to having to hire off one specific platform from whomever gets thrown his or her way.

Possible weird analogy, but here goes: You don't go into a grocery store, discover they don't have the cheese you want, then have the door blocked by the store manager who says, "No way. You made a commitment walking in this door. You even had a specific purchase in mind. I was counting on that purchase. I paid my employees to stand there just waiting for you to buy cheese. So you go back to the case right now and take one of those cheeses we're offering, or you can just stay out of my store in the future. You're not a serious buyer. Don't come back."

Just my take. Nobody can force a person to buy something under less than ideal circumstances. I have a job posted right now that probably won't be filled. I will probably have to go to FB to post it. I'm not evil or uncaring. I just have a job I need done right and I haven't found an appropriate freelancer here.

And as for not responding: in the bad old days when I pounded the pavement, I had confirmation that I wasn't chosen for a job by not hearing back from the company. If I had interviewed at a company that didn't get 30 or 50 or more resumes, I might once in a while get that "We'll keep that resume on file" call. It's the same today, except exponentially harder on the part of clients who might easily be receiving dozens of proposals. Don't hang your star on one specific project. Keep actively looking. If that client comes back later and you're not too busy by then on other projects to take hers, great.
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