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Update on your profile settings

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Orlando B Member Since: Jul 16, 2015
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Just received this email:


When you copied your Elance account to Upwork, we provided you with an option to hide your earnings. Our research has shown that displaying freelancer earnings helps freelancers win more contracts and more quickly grow their earnings, and as a result, we do not have plans to make this setting available in the future.

Starting July 20th, this functionality will no longer be available on Upwork and your earnings will be visible on your profile page.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact Customer Support for any questions or concerns regarding this change.


Apology not accepted. Starting July 20th my profile will be hidden, hopefully others will do the same and they will understand that this should be optional.

Community Leader
Scott E Member Since: Feb 24, 2015
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I just got the same email. Would prefer we had the option to hide them, but I can live with it I guess. 

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I always wondered about that age long argument - show or hide earnings. Interesting.

Community Leader
Scott E Member Since: Feb 24, 2015
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It's a tough one. I pay my pesky taxes, so it's not like I've got anything to hide. On the other hand, it's always been accepted in most circles that it's not the done thing to ask or tell people exactly how much they earn. As a result, I think people should have the choice to hide them or display them. 


As you know, on Elance you can hide your earnings, but clients who you've submitted a proposal to will be able to see them. I think that should be sufficient in most instances. Earnings can show you have experience of working with large, high-value projects, and I'm fine with showing them to clients I want to work with. However, if I've not submitted a proposal to a client, then in theory I don't want to work with that client, for whatever reason... so I don't really see much point in them seeing my earnings.


If I have minimal earnings then people may dismiss me as some kind of shoddy freelancer, if I have high earnings, then people might want me to buy all the drinks at the Upwork Summer BBQ. 


Each to their own I guess, but I'm all for the option to hide. 


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Abu b Member Since: May 29, 2015
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It is also fine with me. Smiley Happy


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Amy N Member Since: Jul 16, 2015
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Just got this email too, and this only makes me even more upset about this forced move from Elance. There is no reason in the world that my earnings should be public!

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Frank T Member Since: Jul 16, 2015
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This is a deal-breaker for me. My earnings are private to me and my tax office. If the option to hide earnings is withdrawn, then I will be looking for another freelancing platform which will respect its members' privacy.

This choice should be available for all Upwork's members, not dropped at the whim of Upwork's 'researchers'.

At least Elance had integrity, and, I always felt, respect for its members.

I'd ask everyone who thinks the same as me to pile on the complaints and force Upwork to rediscover respect.

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Randall Corbin P Member Since: Jul 7, 2015
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This announcement causes me GREAT CONCERN.


When I GOOGLE myself...or if others make that effort...Elance (now Upwork) pops up several times.


In addition to the my neighbors, ex-wives, credit bureaus, and any other Tom/**bleep**/Harry knows waaaay too much about me.


PLUS...I sometimes wonder to myself..."Why the heck I do this... for such crap money?" Must be love-of-the-game!

Community Leader
Scott E Member Since: Feb 24, 2015
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Do you actually mean Elance pops up, or Upwork pops up? If you mean Elance... there's always been a setting on Elance where you can hide yourself from search engines. Might be worth changing that. Not sure if the same option is available on Upwork.

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Randall Corbin P Member Since: Jul 7, 2015
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Scott....thanks for input...I knew of the Elance setting.


I don't really mind all the JOBS LINKS connections In Google...Like Elance, LinkedIn, FB, etc...since they all take you to the same dull information about me slaving away as a Freelancer.


I do mind folks knowing how "skint" I am!  Except, of course for my enormous Trust Fund...which allows me toil away at this WalMart clerk's comparably paid job.


But seriously, even Upwork helps land assignments...I think it is dangerous. To wit: we all have had scammers who try and take our work for free with "samples" and "trials". Now suppose that same Work-Around-The-System-Guy thinks of some clever way to leverage his new found information about my earning to entice/scam/hack/defraud me with the info?


Truly...I do love freelancing. Like the work. Like the people. Like the Platforms. Like the challenge.


I've done okay in my 3 years. BUT, THIS SCARES ME...way more than I think the Earning Post might help me.