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Update with Dispute ticket 23186257




I need help to rectify the issue faster. Attached photo is the full explanantion of what happened and how rude the team lead was to me. He trained me on my first day for less than an hour and the modules weren't even updated. I asked for reference but he didn't gave any because NONE of his training materials were updated. I asked if there is a specific target but he said that there is NONE and I can do as much as I can.


After 6 hours of my shift, he messaged me that I was slow and not the one that they're looking for. He then immediately removed me from Slack (which is bad because I was not able to take a screenshot of the messages) then cancelled my contract without ANY help given. And now they are withdrawing the funds for my first week. I still have the copy of the sheet of the product listing numbers as a proof that I worked for them. It was so rude and very inconsiderate. They even reassured that they will help in any way that they can and if they notice that I'm slow, they will help me to fasten up but obviously, what happened was the other way around. 


Please help me. The name of their company is **Edited for Community Guidelines**and the name of the Team Lead is **Edited for Community Guidelines**. The client's name is **Edited for Community Guidelines**. I feel that it is my right to get paid for the work that I've done atleast. 


Upwork team - Kindly help me get this addressed as soon as possible and would like to report their accreditation.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Laila,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. I checked your dispute and I can see that you`re communicating with our dispute agent. 
If you have any additional question feel free to post them directly there and our team member will assist you further. To learn more about our dispute process you can check out this Thread
If you have any additional questions for me here, let me know. If private details are involved you can reach out to me via PM (click on my name). Thank you.

~ Goran