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Updating Feedback Ratings?

I assume oDesk only updates contractor feedback scores once every six months, as the headings are 'all-time' and 'last six months.' In our world, this is an eternity to 'work off' a bad client rating. It would be AWESOME if you could updated the number monthly. Everything else on oDesk seems to be totally dynamic and updating minute-to-minute. This would be a big plus for contractors. I have had 5 or 6 stellar ratings on most recent projects that more than outweigh the 3 I got from one client in past 6 months. I worked VERY HARD for VERY LITTLE MONEY to make sure I aced those projects. One major reason was to help bring my feedback score up! When will my rating be updated?? Also -- I think I know the answer to this but... making a client's feedback 'private' does not stop it from being calculated into your overall score, right? Or wrong? Thank you.
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