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Upfront Option No Longer Available?

Community Guru
Has anyone noticed that when you apply for jobs, there is no longer an option to put an upfront percentage in your bid on some jobs. I find this really disturbing since now clients will expect to get work done without a failsafe. I am not sure what oDesk is up to, but is is going downhill at a rather rapid pace.
I was just hanging out, waiting to see how deep the hysteria on this thread was going to go. oDesk has already said they were doing away with the upfront option and that this system was going to take its place. My last contract with a repeat client had indicators that it was in effect, describing the total payment for the project as a milestone payment and such. If they tell us they are taking the option away, why are people so shocked when it goes? :puzzled:
this is what I was thinking....
New Forum Member
This usually happens if the client is not payment method verified.

Recently I accepted a contract for a small ($130.00) fixed-price job. BEFORE I accepted the contract, I let the client know that he would need to (1) fund the whole amount through escrow and (2) designate half ($65.00) to be released immediately as an upfront payment. (I didn't know what else to call it...) The client did both of these things. I got notification from Upwork of the whole escrow and the (upfront milestone) $65.00 being available as soon as I requested it, with my needing to say that the task that triggered the $65.00 payment had been completed.


I called the task "upfront payment as agreed by client" and requested the money.  It was released.


Don't know if this is the "right" way to handle this, but it seems with the rules and it worked.


Hope it works for you.


Cheers, Susan Seawolf Hayes

Good information but this thread is 1 1/2 years old when different rules were in place.

Community Guru

I Dont care if Upwork take away the fixed price option! I will aways ask the client for upfront payment on fixed price jobs! Period!

Upworks again taking away features we like and giving us what we dont want! Or just taking them away!