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Upwork 1099K forms issued erroneously and is Covering it up

Upwork has issued 1099K forms to whose who are not required to receive them amd refuses to correct their mistake. Further according to the IRS Upwork is supposed to provide a phone number on the 1099K so if a mistake was made you can contact Upwork to let them know. Upwork has failed to rpovide a phone number as required on the 1099K forms they issued.


Most probably the mistaken issuance of the 1099K forms by Upwork is a programming error. I was told By Upwork that they can issue 1099 K forms whenever they want, and not only when required to by law. THIS IS JUST A COVER UP. IF you were issued a 1099K form by UPworks, make sure you had over 20K in transactions and MORE than 200 transactions. If they got it wrong, demand a correction anyway you can since they have not put their phone number on the 1099K as the IRS requires.



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Hi Robert,


I see that you already have a ticket opened for this issue and the team clarified why 1099K was issued to you and that there is no mistake.

~ Valeria



The 1099K regulations are famously vague, if not contradictory, in their requirements. I would not be surprised if Upwork issued as many as it thought it might be held liable for under various constructions of the regs.


If the information on them is accurate, what is the downside of receiving a 1099K? (If it's inaccurate, of course that's a different problem from mere issuance.)





I didn't want to pay my taxes either, but the tax man always comes.


Thought it was cool myself to get one. Much better than the hassle of adding stuff up on the transaction page.