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Upwork Agent?



I just got an unsolicited offer from someone claiming to be an upwork agent working on behalf of the client; is that something that upwork does? I just want to make sure this is legit before lookiing into the job any further. Thanks!


Yes, Upwork does do this as a service for clients who requested it.  I landed a big project the otherday that was this type of setup.  Still make sure you read the description and ask any questions, but the agent aspect is legit. 

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Okay, great, thank you!


Yes.. they do have.

Still if you have any doubt, you can contact CS.

The Upwork "agents" suggest jobs.  They do not offer jobs.  You must contact the client regarding the job.

I anticipate that a problem will arise as scam artists figure out that Upwork sends invitations on behalf specific clients. There should be some way to easily confirm that one is actually dealing with someone official rather than a scammer who is co-opting the name.