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Upwork App

I downloaded the Upwork App yesterday, but I cannot find it, and there is no new icon. I did a system search and found it, with titles of a number of Upwork articles and things I read online today. But I cannot figure out where it is. There was a quick flash of something to do with Upwork on my screen when I turned on my laptop this morning but it vanished. I've been logging on via my usual Google search. Am I

missing something?


Greg, we might be able to assist you better if you would tell us if you're on Windows or Mac OS.

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Windows 8.1.  I restarted the system a half hour ago, and there was a notice on the screen about the Upwork App loading, but then it vanished--after maybe two seconds. So it's in there, somewhere.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Greg,


If you are using Windows, are you able to use the search field on the task bar at the bottom of your screen to find Upwork App? Also, if you installed it, it should be in the list of your applications.

~ Valeria

I did find a tiny icon in a small field that is upwork and it reads "not tracking." It's labelled time tracker when I click it to my screen, still small (window maybe 2 x 3 inches. Can;t find any evidence of it anywhere else.



The tiny icon you are referring to is probably the shortcut in the task bar. Could you please take a screenshot of the window that shows when you click on that icon and send to us?

~ Valeria