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Upwork Compliance Specialists take too long to bring us the offers from Enterprise Clients

I had the fortune to start working with an Enterprise Client and I will be getting continuous work from him.


The thing is that the hiring process is too slow! everytime he wants to give me a new job, need to be "approved" by the Upwork Compliance Specialist, which can take too long!


For example, this Friday the client contacted me again for a quick job, he needed it within a few hours, but the hiring process isn't done until this Upwork Compliance Specialist can review the documents and her businers hours are from Mon-Froday, WHAT?... so I can't work from him until Monday? Of course I delivered the work that he needed, but I couldn't accept the offer, this is a risk for me, and him. And this process has to be done everytime this clients wants to give me a job... WHAT?


Enterprise clients are supposed to be special clients and now they are getting a worst deal than a regular clients, Upwork must fix that, speed up the hiring process for Enterprise clients, or at least make that one time only for every freelancer they hire.

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I agree the process is slow. I am currently working with an enterprise client and it had taken about 6 days or so for it to be finalized because they had to wait for the client to come on and do their required task. Both the client and I have agreed to extend the time, but I can see how this could be negative if the client needs something right away. 

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I quite agree. The time it takes the Upwork Compliance Specialist to complete the onboarding process really cuts into the work time when there is a deadline. I've tried to contact them to speed things up with no results. I think Upwork should address this problem.

Hi Nancy,


Thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community. We truly appreciate you sharing your feedback on our onboarding process. Rest assured that teams are working collaboratively for all users' convenience and we'll continue sharing your feedback to better our service.


~ Arjay
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Thank you, Arjay. I know the Compliance Specialists are very busy with multiple contracts to assess. When it takes several days and deadlines are looming, however, it's hard to wait.

But thank you. I appreciate your response.

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