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Upwork Connect Return Policy

One of the reasons we freelancers can risk all our connects to boast a job proposal is the fact that connect(s) used for boasting will be returned if the freelancer is not hired by the client on that particular job.


It is so disheartening 😭 to now know that is not the true picture; the true picture is that the connects can only be returned when the client closes the job (Hope I am right). And I started asking myself some questions like:-


• So, if the client doesn’t close the job for a year; that’s how the connects will remain unreturned?
• Why will a client leave a job he has already hired freelancers on open forever?
• Does Upwork even allow jobs to remain open for that long if the above is the case?


I don’t know what the platform for creating a job post looks like, but I will suggest that job posts should have a lifespan of 4weeks. There should be a field for the client to select the duration of their job post (1, 2, 3 & 4 weeks respectively), and when that elapses, even if the client doesn’t close it, Upwork will do that automatically.


Please we need our connects back if we are not hired 😁 which is what Upwork has already put in place.

And to our lovely 😍 clients, you people can make this easy for us.

Namaste 🙏

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