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Upwork Connects Suggestion

Hello Everybody,


I think that it will be very good if Upwork starts a new rule/policy regarding Connects. Many of my Upwork freinds say that they dont use much Connects. Every month their Connects are wasted. So, If Upwork opens a new rule/policy that Top Rated Freelancers with paid membership can take Connects from other Freelancers if they want to share/provide. It will help Freelancers very much. Also, It will be a new peak for Top Rated Freelancers. So, What Upwork thinks about this? Thanks for reading my post...................

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1/ You can buy connect if you want (expensive, though)

2/ Only newcomers desperate to get more connect, after they get through it, they won't need more.

3/ More connect used increase the number of proposals clients have to see, and most of them not worth reading.


I don't think a giving/taking or buying/selling connects will do any better.

People actually try to use their connect better will work.

Hieu T
Vietnamese translator
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Hi Ayan,


We appreciate your gesture to help us improve our platform, and giving us your suggestion in regard to the use and number of connects available. We will let the appropriate team know about this and look into possibly implementing this.


Thank you 


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I think, Upwork is not interested in such feature.


1) If any freelancer wastes all connects, he has to pay for upwork premium membership. Profit for Upwork

2) If any freelancer has unused connects - potencially, it s the way to make him more active -> earn more money. Profit for Upwork

3) If any freelancer wastes all connects and can take it from other - it is great for freelancer, but where is upwork profit in this case?

But the idea is interesting... in my mind I imagine Connects black market, carramba 😃

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Ayan, since the main reason for connects is to keep the number of proposals submitted down, this would probably be counter-productive. It would mean that all of those currently unused connects were in circulation, signficantly increasing the number of bids.

I don't see how it's good for the freelancers who have surplus connects. Why should they want to facilitate competition?


And that's apart from the logistics regarding how such a scheme would be operated...

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