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Upwork Connects got Deducted

Hi ,

New 10 free conncets are given by upwork on every 15th of Month. This time my 6 unused connects got deducted and i didn't got any message about my connects expiration. Connects can rollover upto 140. I had 66 connects after 10 free conncets my new balance is 70 as 6 connects got deducted.I don't know what happened. Please help me out. What is the cause of connects deduction and can i refund them? 

Thanks, looking forward to a positive response.

Community Member

Check if you  intentionally  or unintentionally send a proposal for the job that requires 6 connect.  You can see it in proposals tab.  You can't refund them once they are deducted.  

Thanks for responding to my request. I checked it out and I haven't submitted any proposal and used those 6 connects. I am attaching a screenshoot please check it out. 

I will be waiting for your response.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Fizza,


I checked and it looks like the email has been sent successfully on January 15th regarding the Connects expiration. I suggest that you check out Spam/Junk folder in case the email went there.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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