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Upwork Enterprise proposal problem

I have recieved an invitation for a project with an Upwork Enterprise Client. Problem is i am not in Upwork Enterprise program, so when i click on the invite to respond i get to "Permission denied" page. How can i accept or decline the invite?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Srdjan,


I'm checking the invite you received and will follow up here as soon as we receive an update from our team. Thank you for your patience.


Same problem happening for the invitation we receive for our agency freelancers..  I raised a support request almost 2 weeks ago and the issue still exists.. could you please check. Support ticket number Request  20911385


Hi Vipin,

I'll follow up with the team so that you can get an update on the situation you're facing. Thank you.


Wow.. Awesome, that was a quick response. I think as stated above in this thread, the issue is happening when an enterprise client is inviting our agency freelancers for their project. Anyways, it would be a great help if you can get it resolved quickly. Because many of the invites we receive, we are facing this issue. We are not even able to open the invitation and see the details. Immediately after we click on the invitation, we are getting message "Permission denied"

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