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Upwork Error Message On Shutdown in Windows 10


After installing Upwork.com, I am now receiving a new error message when I shut down my Windows 10 computer.

I only lasts about two second before the computer shuts down normally.


While the computer is still running, there are about 6 Upwork tasks that are running in the task manager.

When I shut down, I get this message for about 2 seconds:

"Ensure a Clean Shutdown".


This message was not happening before I installed Upwork.  Does anyone else have this issue?


Rich Locus


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rich, 

Let me look into this for you, and I'll come back here once we have more information regarding your concern. 

~ Avery
Community Member

Hi all, I have the same issue as Rich. The Upwork App is preventing clean shutdown and it started few weeks ago.

In my case, the shutdown process cannot close the app, so it consumes CPU a lot and still cannot finish shutdown so I have to press force shutdown. The same issue is with power settings, the monitor and HDD are not turning off. I have to exit the app entirely so my PC will turn off after a specific time.

I tried reinstalling the app, but still the same.

I use Win 11 on a brand new PC, 2 months old. When I started using it, I didn't have this issue.


I still haven't tried reinstalling Windows and installing all programs. I'm waiting to see if it gets better. But I reckon I will have to reinstall all to be sure.

For now, I'm closing the app couple of times a day and always during the night.

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