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Upwork Fee

I need help. I have earned 500$ + from my client but upwork did not reduce the fee from 20% to 10%.
Can anyone help me? 
Please, Check my client payment (Maxprop).

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I'm sure a moderator will jump in but the reduced fee begins with $501.  You will pay 20% on the first $500 and the reduced fee begins with the next dollar over that as I understand.

Thank You for reply me .
can you check my earning from my maxpro  client ?

No, she can't. She's a freelancer, like you. And me.


But you can check your earnings by going to your "jobs" tab and clicking on that job. Anything over $500 will only be charged the 10% fee. It has to be over $500, though. 


It's automatic, or always has been for me, anyway.

Hi Sohel,

You can check your Lifetime Billings with a client by going to the Reports tab and clicking on Lifetime Billings or using this link.

Also you may find more information about the freelancer service fees here.


Hi, Nina K,
Can you check my profile and earning details?
I am providing some screenshots.
In those screenshots, you can see earned 460$ and 186$ is the current job.
Two jobs but the same client.
Please, check after I will provide you more info.

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Hi Sohel,

Please connect with our customer support on this Link and submit your contract IDs so that we can check this and assist you further. Thank you!

~ Goran

Thank You!
Is live chat still in Upwork?
Please, give me this link of  live chat. I am a TOP RATED Freelancer. 

Hi Sohel,

Please follow the hyperlink I`ve shared with you and click on the green button Get Help. Thank you!

~ Goran
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