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Respected Everyone,


I am working on Upwork since 2010. I have already crossed 15000 Hours. I am also Top Rated and 100% Job Success score holder right now. But since October, 2015 I dont get much Job, much interview, no hire. I am suffering huge problem for this. Day by day my Upwork SEO business is going down.



But I can see that Clients hire new freelancers who have very little experience and new on Upwork. If you compare my profile with them then my profile looks outstanding. But still no job for me.



When I apply on any jobs then first of all I match my Skill with that then job then apply. Otherwise dont apply. But still some of my application go to client's hidden folder(Confirmed by Upwork Chat support). I am really surprised.



As I understand that Old, experienced, good freelancers day has finished on Upwork. Upwork is no more for us. I am very very frustrated for this.



Suggestion - If Upwork makes a rule that Freelancers can sharing connects between another freelancers then it will be good. Some of my Upwork friends said me that they dont bid on job. So, every month their connects get wasted.



Due to Upwork rule, I can set maximum 10 Skills on my profile. But if I pass extra 15 skill test then no way to add those. Here, my question to Upwork Higher Authority that If I add those extra 15 skills name on Profile text part then will it be helpful to rank better on Client applicant list? On other word, I did not add "WordPress" skill name in my Skill list. But if I pass the WordPress Skill test and write it on Profile text part then when any client post job and set "WordPress" skill(See attached Image) then will that text part help me to rank better on client applicant list? Please help. Thanks A Lot..................

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Avijit,


I am sorry to hear you have seen a decline in the number of jobs you get. Although you can add up 10 skills to your profile, it can be helpful to focus on fewer skills and work on improving and marketing them to clients. You may want to find your niche and provide services that not a lot of freelancers can offer. You may also want to revise your profile. Hopefully, this video will be helpful.

~ Valeria