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Upwork Mods Please Help!

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Namita S Member Since: Jul 20, 2017
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Thankyou for all your suggestions! 

I'll wait for some time to client to respond. If he provides me details well and good and after the work I will close the contract and would never work with him again. He will certainly not leave a nice feedback as I gave him an honest feedback on the previous contract. 

Yes, it'll affect my JSS but am ready to take that. 


As far as the Issue of Unresponsive Clients goes I had 11 pending contracts with Unresponsive clients. Some being unresponsive since 17 months, some 14 some 10 and so on. Fortunately 5 Clients closed the contract in the last one week. For others I'll keep messaging them to close the contract and then I'll close them all, not at once but one by one. 


Thanks again all of you !!