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Upwork Notifications

I am new to Upwork, and I'm in need of an answer to a question about notifications. I responded last week with a proposal to a client and was waiting for a notification of a response on their part.

I never got notice of their response, and when I checked in they had a link for an interview which apparently I've missed now. My  notification settings are set for everything, and immediate.


Also mysterious is that the client declined and the reason given was "inappropriate job posting".


Is there a way I can verify that I will not be downgraded for not responding to the interview invitation?

How can I get more information about their reason for the decline?

Is there a way of contacting help from Upwork besides this forum? I've looked and cannot find it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Susan,


The job you are referring to has been cancelled by Upwork team as inappropriate. That's why you see that reason for a decline on your proposal - it was declined automatically. If you used any connects applying for the jobs, they will be returned to you. It will not affect your stats in any way.  

~ Valeria