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Upwork Or Odesk & Policy Violations


Is this Upwork, Odesk and can freelancers be flagged/get warnings for something that happened on Odesk?

Oh yes they can!


I recieved a very strange email and account/policy violation for 2 accounts which had been accidentally created in 2007 & 2011 on Odesk.


Several emails later & I am getting no where with Upwork staff regarding this and I cannot accept a policy violation or my account nor accept my account being flagged for something that happened on & that was resolved on Odesk.


I want to know, how can a freelancer who signed an agreement on Upwork be warned for an account created on Odesk, when they signed an agreement with Uwpork that Odesk no longer exists? They verified that no one had logged into those accounts, no jobs posted, no jobs applied for.



Upwork could have contacted me anytime regarding this policy violation but never did.


So is this Odesk or Upwork?

Can someone be warned for something they did on Odesk now that it is Upwork?

And does a policy violation/account work against the freelancer?


The agent that contacted me said "please note that Upwork is just a re-brand of oDesk and is therefore the same company."


So then why did I sign an agreement when Upwork was launched and I logged into the platform? That Agreement stated it is no longer Odesk but Upwork - different legal entity.


That contradicts everything that has been said to date regarding Upwork and Odesk.


I hate to bring this to the forum but I dont think any freelancer on Upwork should ever be sent anything regarding something that happened on - 6-10 years ago.


Besides, those 2 accounts were resolved when it was Odesk - I have the emails.


I would like someone to get back to me.


If it is an accident, in the real world people apologize when they make a genuine mistake.


Whats the best number to call to get this resolved.


Im really not impressed about being contacted about Odesk related issues, I cant even search for clients that I worked with on this platform when it was Odesk but can be contacted regarding Odesk related issues.


Not impressed at all.



Upwork is indeed a rebranded oDesk. Yes, issues that happened on oDesk can still come back to haunt you.


IF the issue with the duplicate accounts really was resolved back then there should no longer be any duplicate accounts, because one (or more) would have been closed.


Your best bet is to communicate (politely) with the staff you are dealing with to get it resolved.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dean,


I've checked and couldn't find any communication you've had with Customer Support regarding the accounts our team notified you about, could you please share the emails and tickets you mentioned? I do see our team closed these accounts on your request yesterday as they were not addressed before. I also see our team shared all the details on your main ticket and followed up on your questions with clarification. Please refrain from creating additional tickets and feel free to follow up on your main ticket to continue the conversation with our team.


I can also confirm users track record and actions on oDesk do affect their current accounts as oDesk was relaunched as Upwork.

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