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Upwork Payment not directly my account.

I have noticed from 1 year upwork payment not dopsit to my bank directly. Its coming from other bank in our country. That's why we are loosing 2% insentive from our Govt. Why upwork not help with this issue?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Md,


Thanks for your question. Since our goal is to provide the best experience for our customers, we use a variety of payment processors. For example, we've found cases where certain payment processors are able to transfer funds quickly to freelancers in certain countries but not others. By using different payment partners we can better ensure all freelancers get the best service available in their area, for their payment method. I'll share your feedback with our team.

~ Vladimir
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Hi Vladimir

Today I went to my bank and I also confirmed that my Upwork payment was not deposited directly into my bank account. It comes from another bank using BEFTN, not via SWIFT. That's why I have to lose my 4% cash incentive which was declared by our Govt. Please update your payment processing system, otherwise, we have to lose more money in the future. 

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