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Upwork Permanent Suspension Glitch. Required Moderator to Re-Verify


My friend from USA created an ID on Upwork and successfully passed video verification after completing his 1st task of $100.  Then all of a sudden his account got on hold and asked for re-verification of documents which he did but it denied but when he did verification 1st time it was successful with same document. 

Now he has 3 questions.

1- What will happen to his $100 that is in Upwork Wallet ?

2- What he has to do in order to get his Upwork ID back as he is 100% legit and his documents too. He would love to come on video verification, selfie verification, documents verification etc

3- If Upwork doesn't give his ID back then shall he create an account again on Upwork ? If Yes, then will it matter if he uses same card details for connects purchasing and withdrawal ? and does he have to use same email for re-registration on Upwork or with different email ID ?

His email ID that was register on Upwork was **Edited for Community Guidelines**  which is now not working on Upwork after permanent suspension.


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He appealed on > marketplace-appeals@upwork.com but nothing happened. What shall he do now ? Shall he create new profile with different email and bank card details ? 

Upwork isn’t going to talk to you about somebody else’s Upwork account. If a person wants help with their account, they need to contact Upwork themselves.

No, of course your friend can't create a new account if he's been permanently banned. What do you think the word "permanent" means? What would be the point of Upwork banning someone, if they could just open a new account when that happens?


If your friend has appealed, then he'll just have to wait and see what happens. Upwork isn't going to discuss this with you.

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