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Upwork ! Please take these jobs down NOW! #2

Continuation of the previous post: to raise the alarm on the same scam that keeps on repeating again and again!

Scammers don't take vacations! I, personally, am not planning to give up! 


Id1 : 01827519684b09046d
Id2 : 01a8f47caa586bd64e






Another customer account, appeared today, with the same scam process! (apparently the same person)

It also shows that he is from the United Kingdom.


It has now 2 jobs in progress, and has made 2 victims today, in less than 3 hrs:
That is a turnover of $1800 (1300+500)


This guy found a good loophole that he makes freelancers pay for, and humiliates upwork with his security processes that do not secure anything in this case! he makes thousands of dollars per day, under our eyes!


Do you intend to do something?


Id1 : 01827519684b09046d ==> Posted 1hr ago
Id2 : 01a8f47caa586bd64e ==> Posted 3hr ago


PS : We saw yesterday how much it takes to remove a scam post, please don't repeat the same mistake! We are all humiliated and angry at what is happening, and Upwork needs to do something, URGENTLY, at all costs!



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I am creating this second post for readability reasons! This is becoming more than serious!
The previous post have several dozen comments (angry at such laxity), I'm afraid the alert is now going unnoticed.

I hope something will be done as soon as possible! while these new scam posts are still fresh!


Thank you

Good for you! Thank you for you diligence in an attempt to keep us freelancers safe! Hopefully, Upwork will act quickly this time and moving forward, and figure out a way to stop this from happening again.

Thanks Peter! I join you on your wishes!


You can't imagine how much I would love to have an admin button, which would allow me to delete these Scams.


I wouldn't even ask to be paid for it!

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Ha! I suggested something like that once and was politely shot down.

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