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Upwork Profile and Bank Account not Matching (due to Surname Issue)

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Mr. A Member Since: Aug 6, 2020
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Hello !
Myself Ashish and I am a freelancer. Actually at the time of Registration Upwork requires me to give (first) name and a surname (last name). Actually I don’t have surname on any of my legal document or my paypal account or Bank Account.

As it was a mandatory field so I have mentioned my name as Ashish Vashisth. But in all legal documents my name is only ASHISH. I can submit all the required documents related to my name as Ashish only.

I have putted my surname just to comply with Upwork's requirement, but now I am not able to link my Paypal account, which has only my first name as ASHISH only.

It is supposed to be a global platform and i think such kind of issue comes earlier too.
I am already working on one Project and it is almost on completion stage.
So request you to please help me on the same. How can i add my Bank Account or Paypal Account with my upwork account OR how can i remove my surname from Upwork Profile, which is a mandatory field ?

Thanks and Regards

Nikola S Moderator Member Since: Jul 2, 2020
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Hi Ashish,


In cases like this I would suggest you to use a formal salutation in the first name field (like Mr., Mrs, Ms.) and your name in the last name field.This would be unlikely to cause issues with adding their bank account

In order to use Paypal as a billing method on Upwork, your Paypal account must have a linked credit or debit card for recurring payments (for example, for membership fees). For cases like this, a funding source is required to add Paypal as a billing method. Feel free to check more about acceptable billing methods here.


Thank you,

~ Nikola