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Upwork Proposal Trend Analysis Tool

Google and amazon both have tools that show "keyword trends."  There are even Amazon Shop tools for finding good products. These tools are very helpful in planning a business strategy that would provide a person with a decent income.


Does Upwork have anything like that or is there any service providing that level of data analytics.


For example suppose you wanted to analyze how many times people asked for "Python" or "SEO" help; i'd like to be able to do some key word analysis to see what the market is demanding.


I'd also like to be able to see if the keyword is valuable...for example there are requests for "Excel Macros" but most people estimate the job at $50 to $200 and I've noticed many are unverified...versus "SEO Content" jobs are much higher rates.  This suggest the buyers have very different expectations;  And as a freelancer...it would be important to know one skill has very good potential for building a business and the other doesn't have enough demand to support a person (at best its a side hustle)


If this doesn't exist, is this feasible with the API....could one pull out all the United STates proposals on a daily basis...and feed them into a custom built analytics engine....is that within the terms of service for the API.


Thanks for reading.

And Thanks for helping.

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Hi Philp, 


The Upwork website does not offer this service. However, you may refer to the Upwork Skills Index, which is released every quarter for more information on the top 20 skills clients look for in a freelancer. 

~ Avery
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Yes, I like your proposal Philip
It is impossible to be effective posting proposals in a base of tiny details about Clients and Projects
A good metric to evaluate prospects could be, for example:

  1. Time to Hire
  2. Time to Fill

I would like to hear first step in that direction from Upwork



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