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Upwork Ranking


i want to ask about something

i don't get any invites at all and i thought this is normal but when i go to the search bar and search about my field which is video editing or even search about the thing i'm special in (rotoscoping)

i see people who did not work before in the top of the list and they have no feedback 

on the other hand me and other reviewed freelancers are in the third or fourth page so we do not get any invites

so is that normal on upwork?

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It changes.  In a few weeks your profile should rise higher in search.  Check out your stats and review how often your profile was discovered.  Mine goes from 7 (when I was not available) to 70.  It usually hovers around 30-40 views a week.  I can't dwell on it because I cannot control it.  



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