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Upwork Readiness Test

After reading all the articles about the Upwork Readiness Test, I took the test and failed. I reread everything, took the test, and failed it again. I could not find any link to lead me to anything showing me which questions I got wrong. So I read EVERYTHING again and still did not pass that test. Where can I find information showing me where I'm going wrong?

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Community Manager

Hi Barbara, 


I'm sorry to know about your experience with the Upwork Readiness Test. Currently, users will not be able to review which questions they got wrong to avoid abusing the system. You may want to check this helpful article where you can check tips on preparation for the test. 

~ Avery

Hi, Avery ... thank you. The link brings me to the articles that I read and reread, but perhaps I missed some detail, so I'll go through them again. I appreciate your help!

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