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Upwork Readiness Test

After rereading all the information on Upwork and trying several times to pass the Upwork Readiness Test, I finally did pass it. I checked my profile, and it is no closer to 100% than before and says nothing about having passed that test. (I did finally figure out where the trick question was, though. It was just a matter of the wording in one of the questions.)


I have seen a couple of YouTube videos lately where people claimed that Upwork was just out to make things difficult for them and that it's a scam. I don't really believe it to be a scam, as I have had a slow start but am finally starting to catch clients' attention. It's just a matter of time and spending lots and lots and LOTS of connects. 


I have good feelings about Upwork overall, but I am rather irritated that I had to work so hard to find the "trick" wording to pass that test, and after all that, my profile is still as far from 100% as it was before I passed the test.


I suppose I'm either stubborn enough to keep trying despite Upwork's efforts to keep me down, or maybe I'm just too stupid to give up and go elsewhere. It doesn't really matter, though; I'm just hoping that the clients who are responding to me are more honest and innocent than Upwork has been. I will give my all and do my best to help those people.


Hi Barbara,


I understand that it took you a while to pass the Readiness Test and had difficulty completing it. I admire your determination to succeed and finally passing the test is the manifestation of the hard work you put in. I can see that you are yet to complete your profile to 100%. Please check this help article for ways that you can have it reach 100%. I also like to share with you these freelancer resources to help you build your profile and for tips in writing winning proposals:


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Please also check out the resources here for more helpful tips. You might also benefit from reading the help articles available here.

~ Joanne
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Hope all is well with you.


I can't see "Upwork readiness Test" option nowadays. Could you please let me know how I can take the Upwork readiness test?


Thank you in advance.



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Community Manager

Hi Carl,


You can check out this update for more information on the Readiness Test.


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