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Upwork - Revolut, not working for years now..

Hi, Upworkers!:)

I was wondering why we can't get a normal answer to WHY REVOLUT IS NOT ACCEPTED BY UWWORK? 

I did find similar topics with answers like this: "

Currently, Revolut is not supported as a payment method. If it becomes available, we'll announce it here in the Community."

An answer like this for the past 4 years, nothing new. So please, could you give us a normal logical answer? 🙂

Thank you.

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Is there any particular reason why you think an enterprise owes you a justification for their business decisions?

This doesn't help...

Simple "No, it won't be working" is also an answer.

Marek S wrote:

Simple "No, it won't be working" is also an answer.

It's an answer, but not to the question you asked. The question you asked is "why", not "If?" or "When".


Unless and until they make a decision to support it, this is the status quo. Why would they decide never to use it? It's not a supported way to get paid now. It may or may not be supported in the future. Should it ever be supported, freelancers will be informed.


What do you expect?

Jesus, your answers sounds almost the same as the one I mentioned above 😄 
Please don't reply here anymore, I am looking for an answer from the team.
If you would know something about the topic maybe you would understand the frustration.

Thanks for the help anyway.

Marek S wrote:

Please don't reply here anymore

This is a public discussion forum. You don't get to decide who may or may not respond.


Marek S wrote:

I am looking for an answer from the team.

"The team" will give you the same answer as they've already given you. It's basically the only answer they can give you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Marek, 

I understand why it can be frustrating not to get the exact information. Currently, adding Revolut as a payment method is not in the pipeline. Our team doesn't have any additional information to share regarding this at the moment. However, we will continue to share this as feedback and suggestion to the team to consider adding it as a payment method on Upwork. 

~ Avery
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