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Upwork Talent Specialist offers Commission-Based Work?

I have always thought commission base work on Upwork pretty much violated the Upwork terms of agreement or at a minimum the flaver of it. Never sure how commission could be organized, verified and reported to even closely resemble a fixed-base contract. 


In the past, community research commission-based have not recieved favorable reponses. I even thought Upwork disapproved of it to some extent. However, now I am recieving them from Upwork Talent Specialists and the last one is even a "Featured Job".   


So, Upwork does approve commission work?


A few other questions:

How can commission payment be structured under the Upwork Terms of Conditions?

How can adequate means be taken to insure received commissions?

What determines employment so you are under contract when services are sold/rendered? 

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Commission only jobs can easily be structured as standard fixed rate contracts and aren't against any terms of service. All it takes is setting funded milestones for whatever the target is.


Is it something I'd consider? Absolutely not! But it doesn't violate anything.


"Featured Job" just means the client paid some money. Nothing else.

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re: "How can adequate means be taken to insure received commissions?"


That is between you and the client to work out.

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