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Upwork, This's Not Right At All-- Try To Think For Alternatives.

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Nassoro C Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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On April 11, 2015 I was out of Connects and had no active assignment/project either, so I’d no choice but to upgrade my membership so as I’d be able to buy addition connects. When I tried to buy connects using my Master Card, the card was rejected. I then decided to use my Paypal account but I think I was stupid because my Paypal account is linked to the same Master Card and so, the transaction was rejected as well!


Without any prior warning, my oDesk account was instantly suspended but few minutes later it’s reactivated.


Though it’s finally reactivated, I was already left with 3 major damages:

  1. All applied jobs (almost 40 jobs) were closed,
  2. My Job Success dropped from 100% to 83%
  3. One Account hold.

I don’t have to say how it feels when you find all jobs you applied have been closed without any good reason and can never restored! The numbers alone say a lot about instant dropping of JS and I’ve seen about two job advertisements or more where a Client list Job Success score as one of the requirement! 


Apart from the first two notable damages defined by numbers, it’s very embarrassing when your status reads Account Hold because, for all definitions, it reflects the “Freelancer” whose status shows Account Hold is DISHONEST FREELANCER!


According to oDesk Policy or whatever it may be called, here are reasons which may lead into Account Hold:

  1. Identity Uncertainty and Account Sharing
  2. Receiving Payments off oDesk
  3. Low Client Satisfaction
  4. Multiple Accounts or Wrong Account Type
  5. Contact Information Sharing
  6. Spam and Harassment
  7. Feedback Abuse


Is there any need of a tertiary degree for one to realize any of the above can only be done by dishonest and incompetent Freelancer (For #3)? Can any Client be ready to hire a Freelancer with any of the above elements? If I were a Client, I’d blacklist such freelancer so as I wouldn’t fall in his/her trap next time! But for couple of days, two weeks or so, my status showed I am “dishonest” freelancer! And to be honest, I am now very scared to buy connects if I don’t have fund in my Upwork Main Account because in Africa, or at least in my country, your card can be rejected any time without any good reason, for instance, may be the network from your banker is down but your bank account has enough balance!


I thought above problem would only remain as history but I was very wrong because, two months later, a Naughty IT guy compromised the account of one oDesk/Upwork member and posed as a Client and posted two jobs. This “Client” appeared like any other well established Client but in fact, s/he’s a hacker and succeeded to hack/compromise my oDesk Account and probably other Freelancers were affected as well. 


For a very good, acceptable and known security reason, oDesk suspended my account. But like before, all jobs which I already applied which were more than 30 were instantly closed including 2 Active Candidacies. Likewise, there’s an Account Hold for few days before it’s cleared. This happens when the first 90 days haven’t yet finished, which, according to one Help Support guy who wrote to me when I complained about Account Hold for no good reason, this’s what s/he wrote to me: “As per policy, users with recent suspension will not be eligible for being top rated for 90 days, so with that 90 days try to improve your status more and you will eventually receive the top rated badge again”


With that quotation, probably I’ll have to wait another 70+ days to be considered as a Top Rated Freelancer when my first Suspension was about to end in the next 3 weeks.


Anyway, English is not my first language and we occasionally uses it in my country but I hope my point is clear. If my point is clear, here are my questions:


  1. Is there any LOGICAL justification as to WHY when the Freelancer’s account is suspended for whatever reason, whether s/he’s violated any Upwork policy or not, then all jobs s/he’s applied before and active candidacies will instantly be closed?
  2. Is there any TECHNICAL justification as to WHY the system which suspends the account MUST close all applied jobs and active candidacy instantly?
  3. Is there any TECHNICAL and LOGICAL justification as to why the closed jobs can never be restored even after realizing the Freelancer hasn’t violated any policy?

If the system MUST remain as it is, whether you’ve violated any Upwork policy or not, the system isn’t able to act otherwise, so:


  1. Is there any ACCOUNTING justification as to WHY you can’t at least COMPANSATE the closed jobs with Free Connects?
  2. Do you think it’s fair, say, someone spent several dollars to buy connects and finally ends with all of his/her jobs closed for no good reason and no compensation at all?

C, Nassoro.


Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Nassoro,


I understand your frustration with this situation. When an account is suspended for security reason, as it was in your case, all active applications are automatically closed. We have to do it to protect our users and the marketplace in general.


Additionally, as I see you have 0 recent account holds. These two suspensions were not included as they were not due to policy violations or performance review. Therefore your Job Success score was not affected by those short suspensions and it went down for other reasons. You can read more about them here.


I will further check with the team regarding connects used.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria
Ace Contributor
Nassoro C Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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Hello Valeria,


Thank you for your response. However, let me talk little bit about account holds. As I said earlier, I got such problem twice, first it's on April 11, 2015. Unless if oDesk didn't do their maths well but I got first problem when my Job Success was 100%. When I got that problem, my JS instantly dropped from 100% to 83%. I don't think if there's any explanation on such drop which came instantly after account suspension. Likewise, such drop came with 1 account hold at the same time.


Such account hold continued for several days and on April 25, 2015, exactly two weeks later, I filled my complains about my account hold status. Here's the part of the answer I received: "As per policy, users with recent suspension will not be eligible for being top rated for 90 days, so with that 90 days try to improve your status more and you will eventually receive the top rated badge again."


So, basing on blue texts, I hope that's why more than one month later, my JS raised from 83% to current 88%. The answer also continued: " long as you meet all the other requirements, we’d be happy to welcome you into Top Rated after 90 days from the date you were resumed."


So, that response alone fromoDesk Help Center, confirms that my JS was affected with the last sentense showing for how long will I remain illegible for Top Rated.


As I've said earlier, I filled my complains two weeks later and got above response but I don't exactly remember how long it took for Account Hold to be lifted but I think it's a week or two from the day I filled my complains. But even if it's lifted the very same day of April 25, 2015, then I'll have to wait until July 24, 2015 as per last sentense above which's in red and blue. However, suspension of this time didn't affect my JS but the first one did.


But all in all, it's not like am demanding my JS now... am smart enough to know what's done is done and it's irreversible. The intetion of my thread is to raise my concern on any rationality being used in taking serious measures which completely affect users who'd committed no offense. The intetion of my thread is to raise my concern on rationality of closing all applied jobs instantly after account suspension regardless whether the user violated any policy or not.


And if there's no way the system can filter, the intetion of my thread is to question further as to why is impossible even to compansate the closed jobs with free connects taking into accounts that we currently pay for these jobs. In short, I raised my concern on technical, logical and accounting justification as to why all those are impossible. 


C. Nassoro.