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Upwork Timetracking App Bug (?)

Greetings to everyone,

I just want to ask if this is an app bug or what, but the screenshot for the Upwork Timetracker goes on every ten minutes however there are times that It already lasted for more than ten minutes but the screenshot is not yet flashing and recording the time and the sad thing about this is, since this is an hourly contract, I lost some time. It became shorter.  I hope you can help me resolve this problem


Hi Noor,


When you have logging turned on, the app takes random screen captures six times per hour—once per 10-minute billing segment. This means that, for example, the time tracker may take a screenshot at 10:01 and the next one at 10:19. These correspond to the 10:00 and 10:10 billing segments but are 18 minutes apart. I hope this information is useful and you can read more about Logging Time with the Desktop App here.




But sometimes the 16-17 minutes is only recorded as 10 minutes?
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