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Upwork Top Rated Status

Hi, Upwork community.


I recently received an email from Upwork that states I no longer qualify for the Top Rated Status; however, since the beginning of the early year, I have never failed to meet the Top Rated Criteria after Upwork asked me to link my personal online accounts to the profile. 


Does anybody have a similar problem? 

Community Member

You've earned over $1000 in the last year and you have good feedback all the way back. Was there a hold put on your account? That would deprive you of TR status.

Didn't receive one in the last year. 

Thank you for patiently waiting as the team looked into this further, Sunghoon. I can see that you're back to the Top Rated program. 

Let us know if our team can further assist you with anything. 

~ Avery
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sunghoon, 

I'll go ahead and look into this for you and I or our team will come back here once we have more information. 

~ Avery
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