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Hello everyone. This is my first time using the Upwork Tracker to track my hours, and I’m having a small issue. I logged my hours for a project. It came to 4 hours and 10 minutes. But my client says she can’t see the hours or that it’s not showing anything. I’m not sure how to fix that? I went back to the tracker, which still tracked the 4 hours, but when I clicked on “Work Diary,” it only logged 1 hour and 20 minutes. I tried to find out why and I guess maybe I had been idle for the rest of the time? I was still working except I was using a style guide (for proofreading) and had the book in front of me, and I also looked up some grammar questions on my phone because it’s easier for me than using the laptop I did the project on. Anyway, does my assumption sound correct—that it only recorded the time I spent clicking and typing and fixing things? I still am not sure why the client can’t see ANY of the hours tracked, though.

Any help would be appreciated so I know what to tell the client and also what to do next time!

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You used the time-tracker as a time clock.


It is not that.


The tool worked as intended by Upwork, but not as you assumed it would work.


It intentionally does not record time segments with inadequate mouse/keyboard activity.


Your type of work may be more appropriate for manual time.


Hi Theresa,


In addition to the information that Preston shared with you, you may also learn more information in these help articles: Upwork Time Tracker App, Work Diary, Hourly Vs Fixed-Priced Contracts. Thank you. 

~ Joanne
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Guys, could you please help me with my tracker? When I have to click the name of the client, it gets stuck. I am uninstalling my tracker and re-installing but no luck still.

Hi Jean,


Could you please follow the troubleshooting steps shared in this help article? If the issue persists, please let us know. 

~ Joanne
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